Drainage Systems

A French drain is a drainage system that runs underground and isn't visible after it's installed. Any water that travels over or through this area will seep into the drain and will be carried out. OCS can design and install both large and small French drainage systems to meet your needs.

OCS is an expert on erosion-control and offers a comprehensive suite of services in this regard. We pride ourselves on providing consistent quality services for all clients we serve.

Do you need a stormwater pipe installed under a road or your driveway? In addition to installing or extending your stormwater drains, the team at OCS can also build your road.

Rock drainage swells are a less expensive way to divert water and protect the land from erosion. These drains can be built with river rock to create a creek bed look or with limestone for cost savings.

Let OCS install gutter drains to carry water away from your property.

Let OCS install a channel drain to redirect the surface water and keep it from running into your structure.

A catch basin is used to remove standing water from an area or water can be directed to this area to be carried away. OCS can build a verity of catch basin drains large or small. We are also experienced in installing decorative catch basin drains.

OCS builds concrete flumes to carry off rainwater from driveways, on top of retaining walls, or larger flumes to carry stormwater away.