At OCS we are experts at problem solving and are committed to doing every project right the first time. We pride ourselves on providing outdoor construction solutions that bring customers value. Our main focus is doing the job right the first time, which ensures we avoid the pitfall that cause projects to fail in the first place. We are also committed towards correcting construction problems on projects which were not built right the first time. This allows us to find the best solutions for clients and save them money in the long run.

Each member of our team is passionate about what they do. OCS has proven itself as a reputable company and continues to do so today. Every property owner whom we have worked with knows that we have their best interests at heart.

Customers rely on us to provide an honest service. We strive to complete every project with the integrity that it deserves and ensure that it is finished within the time allotted. We are flexible in our approach and offer alternative options for the construction of hardscapes, walls and more. Our expertise allows us to come up with innovative solutions to provide customers with the function or look that they desire.

Each one of our clients is a privilege to us and we take great strides to ensure that we never lose their trust. OCS uses current technological trends and construction techniques in every project. We know that if we are to succeed we need to provide property owners with excellent customer service and nothing but the best craftsmanship.

Outdoor Construction Services has been a reputable construction contractor in Birmingham metropolitan area for 20 years. Our success is owed to a dedicated team of technicians, engineers and construction workers. As a result, we are now considered to be the best choice for outdoor construction services for property owners in Greater Birmingham.

We are committed towards achieving perfection in everything we do. Our team has the skills, knowledge and expertise needed for the simplest to the most complex projects.

Outdoor Construction Services has been in business since 1996 when it was first established in Birmingham. Since then, we have worked on a wide variety of projects in the Birmingham area. OCS has thousands of projects under its belt. We pride ourselves on providing outdoor construction solutions that bring clients value that last forever.

20 years in the outdoor construction industry has made us capable of tackling the toughest projects. We owe our success to the dedication of our team and our insistence of meeting as well as exceeding customer expectations. We uphold the highest standards while delivering nothing but quality products that are designed to last. Our expertise lies in creating exquisite structures within strict schedules.

Customer referrals are a major portion of our business. We take pride in our reputation and always go the extra mile to preserve it. Our dedication towards every project is what makes us the best choice for outdoor construction projects in Birmingham metropolitan area. We work in close collaboration with customers, suppliers and engineers to ensure the integrity of the most complex projects.