Brick & Stone

A beautiful patio isn't only great for entertaining guests; it also increases the value of your property. Your patios will be a sight to behold once our trained construction experts are through with it.

Whether you want to repair an old patio or install a new one, we will ensure that the process remains within budget.

Heads will turn as soon as guests set their sights on your brick and stone walkways. Our walkways withstand the test of time. We will use the best materials to construct a stable product. We utilize the highest quality of workmanship that is capable of holding up under the toughest conditions.

Whether you want to install new steps, repair, or rebuild old ones, OCS can provide you with the expertise that you need for a quality job done right. We can match your existing material or offer a wide range of brick or stone to choose from.

Repair old brick and stone walls or install new ones on your property with OCS. We use top-quality materials and construction processes to ensure that your investment lasts a lifetime. Our experienced professionals can help you determine a reasonable scope of work based on your unique requirements.

Let OCS install a new brick or stone driveway section or a whole new driveway. We offer a large variety of brick and stone driveway pavers.

Is your porch settling or coming apart? OCS can repair the brick and mortar joints or rebuild the porch that wasn't built on stable soil in the first place. When we build a porch, we stabilize the soil to make sure you never have to deal with settlement again.