Retaining Walls

OCS are experts in constructing beautiful brick and stone walls that last forever. Stone and brick retaining walls add a touch of elegance to any outdoor design. Their flexibility and durability add to the value of your property as well.

Concrete walls from OCS are a class apart. We offer a range of design options while delivering the most stable retaining wall systems in Birmingham, Alabama.

Segmental retaining walls are not only durable they are more cost-effective as compared to brick or stone. They rely on their 70lbs in weight, gravel backfill and geogrid that anchors the wall back into the earth. The gravel backfill enables the wall to act as a drainage system, which relieves pressure. Segmented walls are engineered to last a lifetime and can be built over 30 feet tall.

It's not always necessary or worth the expense to rebuild an entire retaining wall due to some cracks. OCS offers retaining wall repair services, whether it’s just a couple of cracked bricks or an entire wall section.

Retaining walls can be an expensive option but are not always necessary. Sometimes you can accomplish the same goal by creating a stable slope for much less money. Outdoor Construction Services uses engineered techniques to design and create stabilized slopes that will last forever.